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Worry about Crusty, Dry Dog Noses

Why is My Dog's Nose Dry? When to Worry about Dry Dog Noses & How to Heal Them in 7 Days

July 28, 2022 13 min read

Preventing dry dog nose woes from A-Z.  When to worry about a crusty or dry dog nose, and how to soothe & treat it, step-by-step. Learn what symptoms require a visit to the vet.  And what about sunscreen?
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Dog Body Language | What Your Dog is Trying to Tell You

Dog Body Language | What Your Dog is Trying to Tell You

July 28, 2022 11 min read

Your dog may not know how to tweet or FaceTime, but they sure know how to communicate (even if it’s sometimes hard for you to understand them). Understanding your dog’s body language improves communication between you and your pup, increasing your loyalty points as a paw-rent. We’ll discuss everything from dog tail meaning to smiles and panting.
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Dog Shampoo Bar

5 Reasons to Switch to a Dog Shampoo Bar for an Eco-Friendly Dog Bath

July 26, 2022 3 min read

Dog shampoo bars are more eco-friendly than the alternative plastic bottles, and they are gentler on your dog’s skin and coat. Dog shampoo bars lather evenly, are less tedious to work with, and provide a sustainable solution for maintaining your pup’s skin and coat health. Learn how switching your dog to a shampoo bar helps make sure that bathtime for your pup is safer for them and better for the planet!
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Zero Waste Petcare & Sustainability

Zero Waste Petcare & Sustainability - Let's Put an End to Plastics for Pets

July 21, 2022 10 min read

As the war on plastic continues, innovative businesses like Puppington are coming up with new, more eco-friendly ways to repackage their products and make them appealing to environmentally-conscious dog parents and other shoppers. Learn what to look for in sustainable packaging for your dog.
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