Answers to your most pressing questions about Pup Wax®

What can you tell me about the Pup Wax® formulas?

Everything! We believe in full transparency in everything that we do.  Learn all about our ingredient-first approach to formulation here: https://puppington.co/pages/ingredients-pup-wax

Will Pup Wax® protect my pup's paws in the summer?

Yes! The wax forms a protective barrier on your pup's paws to help protect them against the heat. Sometimes, it's simply too hot for a walk. If you can't hold your hand to the pavement / asphalt for 7 seconds because of the heat, it's too hot for a walk, and you either should walk your dog on grass or in meadows or walk your dog when the ground is cooler - early in the morning or late in the evening.

Q. Do you actually wax dogs?

A. No!  :-)  We do not wax dogs in the same way that humans are waxed. We sure hope no one else is doing that either.  Pup Wax® is a nose balm, paw wax, and body butter all-in-one that should be gently rubbed into your pup's nose, paws, or skin.  It is called a "wax" because the formulas are either beeswax or plant wax based.

Q. Can Pup Wax® be used as a nose balm?

A. Yes! Pup Wax® is an ideal nose balm. The ingredients are just as effective on noses as on paws and elsewhere. 

Fun fact: We've seen some great "tongue-out" pics of pups who are trying to lick extra Pup Wax® off their noses! If your pup does this, send us your pictures #BetterBoops if you would like them featured on our social media.

Q. Can Pup Wax® be used as an all-over moisturizer?

A. Absolutely! Pup Wax® will help to moisturize your pup's skin anywhere needed - from nose to toes - all year long.

Q. Is Pup Wax® safe for cats?

A. Yes, Pup Wax® is also safe for cats. There are no essential oils or other feline irritants in Pup Wax®Learn more about the Secret Sauce here.

 Q. Do you ship to my country?

A. Each country has unique customs requirements for imports.  If you're in a country that we are not yet shipping to but would like to place an order, please let us know.  We will do our best to make it happen!

Q. Can I use petroleum jelly on my dog's dry nose?

A.   We advise against it.
  • Your dog can suffer vomiting and diarrhea from licking excess petroleum jelly off the nose.
  • Petrolatum-derived ingredients such as mineral oils and paraffin wax are known to accumulate in dogs' bodies over time. Parrafin wax and mineral oils are often touted as "all natural" or labeled as "white oils," including by a dog balm market leader. In fact, mineral oil is a by-product in the distillation of petroleum and used to produce petroleum-based products from crude oil.  It is not known what the long term health effects are of gradual accumulation of mineral oil and petroleum in dogs. Mineral oil and other petroleum-based products can be contaminated with a cancer-causing impurity called 1,4-dioxane. Studies show that this chemical readily penetrates skin. The National Toxicology Program considers it a known animal carcinogen.  Although companies can easily remove it from ingredients during manufacture, tests documenting its common presence in products show that they often don't, leaving their customers at risk for potential chronic and widespread exposures to this cancer-causing compound. These trace contaminants in petroleum-based ingredients often readily penetrate the skin according to government and industry studies, and their presence in products is not restricted by government safety standards — they are legal at any level.
  • Petroleum jelly has a high viscosity which may hinder nasal perspiration.

Q. What can I apply to soothe my dog’s crusty or dry nose?

    A. Pup Wax® is a vet-approved and pet-approved nose balm loved by dogs everywhere that will soothe your dog’s dry nose. Pup Wax® contains blends of organic and all natural humectant and barrier oils and waxes that eliminate dryness and seal in the moisture.

    Q. What about sunscreen?

    A. We recommend using hats or avoiding excess sun exposure during peak hours. In order to reduce exposure to chemicals, we would not apply sunscreen to the paw pads, which are generally facing down, and use a protective barrier balm like Pup Wax® instead. If lengthy sun exposure is inevitable, a good, safe sunscreen applied to the nose is probably a good bet. We always encourage our customers to read up on the ingredients in their dogs’ products. We also give complete transparency into our own formulas on our website. Existing pet sunscreens often contain oxybenzones which are banned for use near certain marine wildlife habitats and have been shown to interfere with the human and animal endocrine systems. They also trigger allergic reactions in some dogs. Other physical sunblocks (such as zinc oxide based) that we might use as humans are also known to be completely unsafe for dogs. We continue to explore safe ingredients for sun protection. We will only bring products to market when we are completely satisfied about the safety and effectiveness of our formula and each ingredient. Stay tuned for more developments!

    Still have questions? Shoot us an email at woof@pupwax.com or ask us on Instagram @PupWax