Beeswax & Pup Wax®

The Pup Wax OriginalTM and Pup Wax LuxeTM formulas are stiffened with 100% organic beeswax.

What's so special about beeswax?  Throughout the ages, beeswax has been considered a gift from the heavens. Beeswax is mother nature's finest protectant and emollient, and the dense texture locks in moisture while sealing out environmental toxins. As a tough surfactant, beeswax forms a protective barrier on the skin that keeps out pathogens and irritants, yet the protective film is porous enough to allow skin to breathe and get the oxygen that it needs.

Imagine pampering your pup with a soothing paw massage while basking in aromas of light sweet nectar with undertones of fruity and floral notes as the scent of nature wafts in the air. Organic coconut oil enhances these natural scents with a truly dreamy quality and provides extra nourishing antioxidants.

Let the heat from your hands soften your Pup Wax® a bit for an even creamier application. Take a moment to meditate and breathe in slowly as the Pup Wax® almost liquifies in your hands. Indulge yourself as you indulge your pup.

Seed-to-skin. Transforming your dog's health from the outside in.