Story of Pup Wax

Let us help your pup!

Julie invented Pup Wax® in 2019 while fostering an amazing beagador pup named Tuxedo. While searching for apaw balm for Tux, she discovered that ingredients in existing dog balms and moisturizers ranged from harmful to questionable to “what in the world does that even mean, is that even a word?” Worst of all, the extra ingredients not only sounded like something from another planet...they did nothing to benefit the long-term well-being of dogs.

With growing awareness of what we put on and into our own bodies, Julie wanted to empower dog moms and dog dads to help pups live their best lives too.

Starting with the highest-quality organic (real), non-toxic ingredients (not from another planet), Julie set out to create products that were:

  • Safer
  • More Effective
  • Provided Relief Faster

dry crusty dog noses

Pup Wax® was born to solve the problem of dry crusty dog noses, cracked and dry paws in the winter, and itchy or scorched paws in the summer with clean, safe, and fast-working ingredients that lock moisture in and seal irritants out. The healing barrier formulas in this nose balm and paw wax collection are soothing, with ingredients that we are proud of, and which pups and dog moms and dads love to use. We believe in complete transparency when it comes to the products we use for our pups. We were unhappy with existing paw balm products because virtually all of them have ingredients that range from toxic to questionable for their potential to cause harm to dogs with long-term usage.  We have created formulas that we are proud of, and which pups and dog moms and dads love to use!

Our formulas protect against ice, salt, snow, hot pavement, gravel, and other harsh surfaces. Pup Wax® is equally effective for dry dog noses, hot spots and other dog skin problem areas.  

We created Pup Wax® because we found that existing paw wax and paw balm products:

  • Contain harmful ingredients
  • Are ineffective
  • Don't absorb well, leaving streaks on indoor surfaces
  • Are too difficult to apply

Sound familiar?  Introducing Pup Wax®!

What is Pup Wax® and does my pup need it?

We insist on the same high quality of ingredients available for our pups as we want for ourselves, and we settle for nothing less.  We take pride in our flagship product, Pup Wax® paw wax.  It is made from premium ingredients that have been combined in a unique barrier formula that protects pups' paws against ice, salt, snow, gravel, hot pavement, and other harsh surfaces and materials - especially those that are manmade.

We are sometimes asked why pups need a paw wax.  If they are hiking in the wild as nature intended, we agree, there should be no harm in going paw naturel under most circumstances. Unfortunately, many pups spend a lot of their time outdoors on unnatural man-made surfaces where they are regularly exposed to toxic chemicals that are easily absorbed into their paws.  Many of the salt compounds that are used to lower the freezing point of water in the winter are not in fact just natural salts.  They often have additives that are toxic to dogs.  In summer or in warm regions, pups sometimes end up on surfaces that give off extreme heat which can leave their paws with painful irritation and burns.  On the hottest days, a stroll down the sidewalk is intolerable for many pups.

To address these pawful pain points, we created Pup Wax®:

  • the best, premium, clean ingredients
  • free from toxins
  • organic ingredients that do not harm the environment
  • no wintergreen oil, petrolatum, "white" oils, cocoa butter, or other harmful ingredients found in other paw waxes 
  • long shelf life (about 18 months stored indoors)
  • thoughtful, eco-friendly and recyclable glass packaging (Original and Luxe); transitioning to compostable paper tubes in 2022!

Who are we today?

Pup Wax® is a woman-owned, family-operated MWBE based in Chappaqua, NY.  We are unabashed dog lovers and enjoy collaborating with like minded pup parents and fosters who believe in a healthy, natural lifestyle supported by organic dog products whenever practical.

Pup Wax® values

We are committed to providing premium products that promote what is:

  • Best for pups
  • Best for environment
  • Best customer experience

We would love to hear from you, especially if our values resonate with you. If you have suggestions, feedback, questions, collaboration ideas, or product requests, let us know!  Shoot us an email at

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Welcome to the Puppington family!