Thinking About Overnight Dog Kennel Boarding?

December 15, 2022 4 min read

Thinking About Overnight Dog Kennel Boarding?

Top 5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best One for Your Dog

As pup parents, our four-legged friends mean the world to us. We spend so much time with our pups, and many of us can't bear to think about separating from them! But sometimes, we run into situations where it just isn’t possible to take our pups with us, no matter how much we might want to. When these unfortunate situations do come up, it can make you feel much better to know that they are in the very best dog boarding facility that will cater to all their needs.

Before settling for the nearest dog kennels, it’s important to remember something key about your furry friend: dogs are accustomed to living in the same environment daily, where all their needs are met. It’s very common for pups to get nervous when they’re put into a new living situation, so it’s essential to focus on finding a kennel that will help your dog transition by being attentive and keeping your dog calm and comfortable. The best overnight dog kennel boarding situation for your pup might just be the one that most closely replicates the environment your dog calls home.

Keep in mind our best tips for finding the perfect kennel to keep your dog feeling loved and safe while you're away.

  • Be sure the facility is clean and cozy
  • One of the most important aspects of choosing an overnight dog kennel boarding facility is making sure you pick one that maintains high standards of hygiene. If possible, visit the facility and inspect it yourself before registering your dog. Anything unsightly, like dirty kennels, unclean floors and play areas, or bugs darting around, is a sign of trouble.

    Inspect where your dog will be sleeping to ensure it is clean, sanitized, and looks like it will be comfortable for them. If the dog boarding facility provides bedding for your dog, ensure that the sleeping mat and blankets are clean and soft. Alternatively, they may allow you to bring your own bedding, feeding bowl, and toys for your pup.

  • Interact with the staff
  • Chat with the facility staff to gauge their experience and professionalism. The facility staff should be friendly and highly knowledgeable about dogs and how to care for them. A promising sign that you're in the right place is if your dog hits it off with the staff and the staff seems to really know what they’re doing. However, if your pup appears uneasy around the new faces or the kennel setting but they usually love meeting new people or going to new places, keep looking. Sometimes dogs have the best instincts about new situations.

  • Make sure there are daily activities for the pups
  • The last thing you want in a kennel is your pup spending the whole day bored in a cage. So when picking the best dog kennel boarding house, it’s important to choose one with fun activities for the dogs staying there. This might include daily walks, a pool, or an in-house trainer to teach the dogs a few tricks. Avoid dog boarding facilities that don't provide options for dog walks or exercise (as some high-energy dogs really need the extra activity for their physical and mental well-being) or that have no physical amenities at all for the animals in their care.

  • Confirm there are on-call vet services available in the area
  • Check whether the overnight dog kennel boarding facility you choose has a trained vet on call. An in-house (or on-call) vet ensures that your dog would get good medical care while you're away, if the need arises. If there are veterinary services, it's a sign the staff cares about helping to ensure your dog will be safe and healthy during their time at the kennel.

  • Ensure the kennel will be available to speak with you
  • Find a dog boarding facility that will keep you in the loop about your dog's welfare. Bonus points if they have web cameras that will let you check in on your furbaby while you're away! If the facility's contact number is always going to voicemail with no callbacks when you're trying to set up the first appointment to visit, that might be a red flag. You’ll want to be able to reach them in case of emergencies or simply just to call and ask how your pup is doing.

    If you've found a good one... 

    It is not always easy to leave your dog in the care of a stranger. Fortunately, you can do your research using these tips to find the best overnight dog kennel boarding facility in your area that will treat your dog like family. Visit the facility to inspect its hygiene standards and interview the staff to make sure they are friendly and bonafide pet-lovers. Ensure that the facility will keep your dog comfortable and entertained. A trained vet on call is also an advantage just in case injuries and illnesses happen. If everything checks out, give your pup a loving kiss and assure them you will be back soon!

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