What to Know Before You Take Your Dog to Work - Including Work From Home Tips for Pet Parents

June 23, 2022 4 min read

Take Your Dog to Work Week

The month of June is when pet parents all over celebrate a special occasion known as Take Your Dog to Work Week.  June 24 is officially Take Your Dog to Work Day!

What could be better than having your dog by your side all day? Bringing your dog to work can be a rewarding experience for you, your pup and your team at work, but is it really feasible to bring your pup to the office? For a successful Take Your Dog to Work Week that everyone will look forward to year after year, there are a few things to keep in mind before making the decision.

More workplaces are becoming pet-friendly to accommodate pet parents who cannot leave their dogs at home or to acknowledge that many people can thrive and be more productive with less stress in the company of their pets. Even if you’ve been lucky enough to bring your dog to work before, you’ll probably want to go the extra mile to ensure your dog is safe and happy while hanging out in your desk area. 

If you're a work-from-home pet parent, that means your pup is probably by your side most of the day. You may have noticed your dog’s interest in exploring your work space at home. You’ll want to keep some of the same things in mind to make sure they stay safe while you're working.

Read on for tips to keep everyone happy and safe when you take your dog to work.

Beware of potential toxins

Public office spaces are not as controlled as your home so there are potential pet hazards like harmful toxins from chemical cleaners. One way to keep your dog safe is ensuring they do not walk into a room that is being cleaned. 

Another option is taking your dogs bed to work. By letting your pup rest on their bed, you are helping to ensure they’re not inhaling harmful toxins from freshly cleaned or recently installed carpets. It also helps to advocate for all-natural pet-friendly (and human-friendly!) cleaning products at your workplace.

Reduce your dog’s exposure to toxins in cleaning products or fabrics with an all-natural dog-approved balm like Puppington’s Pup Wax® 7-Day Magic Stick. The Magic Stick™ is also great for soothing irritations and stopping redness after any unfortunate exposures.

Keep your dog away from office snacks

Office snacks may contain too much sugar, salt, or unhealthy fats, giving your dog an upset stomach at best, or in the worst case, lead to serious complications. Watch out for office favorites like trail mix (with raisins) or caffeine sources. Check our dangerous foods list for more information.

Plan ahead and bring your dog’s favorite treats to work. Make sure they don't have any opportunities to go after your colleagues chocolate donut!

Respect your colleagues

Find out if any of your colleagues suffer from pet allergies before you bring your dog to work. If they do, you may need to work out a compromise, such as designating certain areas as pet-free or taking over an enclosed office to hang out in with your pup while they’re visiting. As an added measure, bring a hair removal roller to clean up stray pet hair from chairs and shared spaces before you leave for the day.

Handling anxiety

If your dog struggles with anxiety, the prospect of bring them to work may be intimidating, but a bit of planning can help you set the stage for a great day for you both. Consider holistic alternatives like dog massage and acupressure in the morning before you head in. Learn these soothing techniques for helping to relax and calm anxious dogs on our blog.

Crate or kennel training is a good way to minimize separation anxiety because it teaches your dog to be independent. If you’ve crate trained your dog or are also dealing with reactivity, you and your dog may prefer they stay crated where they feel secure and most comfortable while you work in your office. The crate can also help your dog to keep from feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated meeting a lot of new faces for the first time while they are getting accustomed to lots of new noises and scents all at once.  

Place the crate strategically where it is easy for your dog to see or hear you working. Ensure your dog has their favorite things like a chew toy or a warm blanket while spending time in their crate. Familiar objects help minimize their anxiety. Always check in on your dog to ensure they are not getting anxious being crated in a new environment.

In a public office space, you can also try a high quality veterinarian-formulated calming dog treat such as Puppington’s Pup Snax™ Ultra Calming Chews. The Pup Snax™ Ultra Calming Chews are soft, chewy supplements with a delicious vegan bacon flavor that most dogs go wild over. They are specially formulated with a powerful blend to relax your dog ahead of high-anxiety situations and promote healthy sleep. These veterinarian formulated supplements combine the soothing powers of calming botanicals and herbs with natural amino acids that are involved in the production of the hormone serotonin and may help reduce aggression and stress. By choosing clean-label products made with the best ingredients, you’ll feel good knowing you’re making the healthiest choices to help your dog feel more relaxed and comfortable when they join you at work. 

Have a pup-tastic time spending the day with your dog at work!

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