Why All Dog Parents Need Swedish Dishcloths

March 14, 2023 4 min read

Swedish Dishcloths

If there’s one thing that every pup parent knows, it’s that dogs are often messy! Whether it’s having an accident in the house, throwing up (ALWAYS on the carpet and never the hard floor), or spilling something, our dogs always seem to be making a mess. As pup parents, we learn to deal with it and expect to be cleaning up after our furry friends.

When dogs make a mess, most of us pup parents are partial to using paper towels to clean it up. They’re quick, they’re easy, and they don’t have to be washed afterward. Paper towels might work just fine for cleaning up, but what if I told you there’s an even better, more sustainable, money-saving option? That’s where Swedish dishcloths come in, or as we call ours, the first ever dishcloths made especially for dogs and dog parents - Pupper Towels™.

With the right gear, cleaning up after dogs can be a breeze! That's why all dog parents need Swedish dishcloth-style reusable paper towels. These soft, absorbent cloths can wipe down dirty dog paws, mop up spills and pick up pet hair in seconds. Plus, they're machine washable and dry quickly - perfect for busy dog moms and dads. 


reusable paper towels for dog parents


Keep reading to find out why every dog parent needs to own Pupper Towels™.

What is a Swedish dishcloth?

Created in the 1940s and originating from Sweden, these dishcloths have frequented European kitchens and are starting to become more and more common in the US and other areas. Swedish dishcloths are ultra-absorbent and able to take in 20 times their weight in water. This ability comes from the material they are made of: a mix of cellulose and cotton. 

Cellulose originates from the cell walls of plants. It is a fibrous, tough material that provides structure and rigidity to the cells of plants. That’s exactly what it does for Swedish dishcloths, too: it allows them to hold a hard shape while they are dry but become extremely soft and moldable while they are wet.

What makes Swedish dishcloths so useful for dog parents and pet owners?

Swedish dishcloths really are ideal for any sort of mess, but they can be especially useful for us dog parents! One thing pups never seem to stop doing is getting muddy and making messes. They are always busy keeping us on our toes. Having a Swedish dishcloth on hand can be a lifesaver, especially for more mess-prone pups.

Our Pupper Towels™ get really soft when wet so your pup is comfortable while you wipe down their paws. They are also super durable and won't tear; Pupper Towels™ can go right into the wash or dishwasher for the next oops!

Swedish dishcloths vs paper towel and other alternatives

Because they can hold so much liquid, Swedish dishcloths are the perfect material when it comes to mopping up the messes that your pup makes! You might be thinking that they sound much more high-maintenance: after all, they do need to be washed and aren’t disposable like paper towels. But even though washing them does take a bit more effort, they are worth it! Swedish dishcloths are very easily washed and can be used over and over again.

There are lots of alternatives to Swedish dishcloths: paper towels, sponges, and regular dish cloths. But none of these options hold as much water as Swedish dishcloths are able to! Disposable sponges become dirty and unsanitary very quickly, and don’t do well in washing machines. Normal dishrags are reusable and washable, but they aren’t nearly as effective as Swedish dishcloths! Paper towels are not able to be used over again, creating a lot of waste and putting a strain on your wallet.In fact, one Swedish dishcloth can clean up the equivalent of 17 rolls of paper towel! This means that they are also a money saver; we all know how expensive paper towels can be!

Why are Swedish dishcloths more hygienic than other alternatives?

Swedish dishcloths are much more hygienic than regular disposable sponges, as they are able to be easily washed once they get dirty. Disposable sponges do not do well in the washing machine and easily accumulate bacteria, especially when they are only rinsed after being used to clean up a mess! 

How do I wash Swedish dishcloths?

Swedish dishcloths are certainly wonderful tools when it comes to cleaning up your pup’s messes, but they do still get dirty, and making sure that they are clean when you use them is very important. Lucky for us pup parents, washing them is easy! Just toss them into the dishwasher or wash them cold with your normal load of laundry. You’ll want to be careful drying them; they don’t do well in the dryer. Instead, hang them up to dry with any other delicates or simply hang them over the faucet of your sink, where you’ll easily be able to pick them up when you need them again!

Pupper Towels™ in dishwasher

Are Swedish dishcloths sustainable?

Swedish dishcloths aren’t just useful and impressively absorbent, they’re also much more sustainable than other alternatives! Paper towels, though the easiest and most common choice for most of us, are thrown away as soon as we are done with them. Disposable sponges are not much better. We may be able to use them a few times, but they become dirty and bacteria-ridden quickly, and need to be thrown away eventually. Swedish dishcloths are a long-lasting (and affordable) alternative to both of these disposable methods of cleaning up your pup’s messes. They can be used over and over again, usually lasting between 9-12 months if taken care of properly! If you have enough of these handy little miracle workers, you’ll find yourself saving a lot of money when it comes to your cleaning budget.

Pupper Towels Swedish Dishcloths for dogs

Where can I buy Swedish dishcloths for my dog?

Good news, pup parent! Look no further than Puppington for getting your hands on a pack of our original Pupper Towels™ reusable paper towels (or two, or three--pup parents can never have too many tools for cleaning up messes)! Shop now to stock up on Pupper Towels™ for your next dog pawrent emergency.

At Puppington, our goal is to provide the very best products for you and your pup. Sign up for the Puppington Club to get exclusive knowledge and deals!

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