Puppington Holiday and Gotcha Day Dog Gift Guide

November 26, 2022 9 min read

Puppington Holiday and Gotcha Day Dog Gift Guide

Everything You Need to Give the Pups & Pup Parents in Your Life the Best Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

The holidays are dedicated to showing appreciation to the people - and dogs -  we love! If you're a pup parent, likely, many of the important people in your life are too! And for us Puppington pup parents, our love of giving gifts applies to our dogs, too. Even if they don’t quite understand the reason why they’re getting presents, giving our dogs thoughtful gifts we know they’ll love helps us show our sweet pups just how much we love them.

Read on to discover our most gift-able products and some amazing holiday bundles for the pup or the pup parent in your life!

Pup Snax™: Immunity Boosting, Joint-Supporting, and Calming Dog Treat Supplements

Our Pup Snax are one of the very best things you can give a pup, for both their health and their happiness! Pup Snax are more than functional treats that your pup will find delicious. They are in fact supplements that provide your dog with some essential nutrients that they may be missing from their normal diet. Read more here about how important supplements are for your dog’s daily routine in our 2022 Pet Supplement Guide. Our Pup Snax are available in 4 types based on what your dog needs most: Daily All-in-One, Calming, Immunity Boosting with Probiotics & a Prebiotic, and Ultra Calming Chews. Give your favorite pup parent the gift of a healthier diet for their dog by choosing Pup Snax!

Daily All-in-One Pup Snax:

Our Daily Pup Snax are designed to provide your pup with the support they need for their daily life. These supplements do it all: provide immune support, promote calm feelings, and improve gut health! Plus, they’re made with high-quality ingredients that you can trust. The sweet pups in your life will appreciate these as a holiday present for their taste buds and for their well-rounded health benefits!

Pup Snax Calming Chews:

Our calming chews are made with special, natural ingredients like adaptogenic ashwagandha and amur cork bark to soothe and relax your dog, helping them to feel better in anxiety-inducing situations. Everyone gets anxious sometimes, and our dogs are no exception to this rule! Anxiety can be really difficult for dogs and dog parents to deal with. If you know a pup parent whose dog needs a little extra help staying calm and happy with the flurry of activity during the holidays, our Calming Pup Snax are a great option!

Pup Snax calming dog treats dog chews

Daily Immune Plus Pup Snax

Daily Immune Plus Pup Snax are delicious, crunchy chews formulated to boost your pup’s gut health, reduce digestive discomfort, support a healthy immune system, provide hip and joint support, and promote skin and coat health. We know that’s a whole lot to read, but it means that these supplements are designed to help your dog’s stomach, joints, and coat look and feel the best they can - in one mouth-watering beef flavored chew! We all want our pups to feel happy and healthy… these supplements for dogs will help your pup do exactly that. 

daily immune support and probiotics for dogs

Ultra Calming Pup Snax

Puppington’s Ultra Calming Chews are formulated with our most powerful and effective blend of ingredients to help pups calm down in the most stressful situations. The holidays usually bring lots of new people, new smells, and new experiences for dogs. These chews may help pups calm down, go to sleep more easily, and can even reduce aggression and stress in these overwhelming situations. Dog parent customers have praised our Ultra Calming Pup Snax for helping their dogs wind down at the end of a long day full of holiday cheer. Learn how the ingredients in our Ultra-Calming Pup Snax work together here.


Pup Wax®: Soothing Dog Balms to Protect and Prevent Your Dog’s Dry Nose and Paws

What started it all for Puppington, Pup Wax is now available in multiple forms, packages, and styles. Pup Wax is made to keep your dog’s nose and paws soft, healthy, and protected. Ever notice your dog’s nose becoming dry or their paws becoming cracked? Read more about dry dog noses and paws on our blog here!

Chances are the pup parents and pups in your life appreciate comfort and healthy paws, which makes Pup Wax a great option for a holiday gift! 

Many of our Pup Wax offerings come specially wrapped in their own beautiful gift box already that pup parents love to open! Keep reading to discover the various options for Pup Wax.

Pup Wax Original: Pup Wax Original is the first Pup Wax Puppington ever made, and it’s always a dependable option! Packaged in a jar that keeps the wax fresh for a long time, this Pup Wax is great for keeping dogs’ paws protected from gravel, snow, and other irritants on the ground. This is a great gift for a pup parent and pup who are new to Pup Wax!

Pup Wax Luxe: Pup Wax Luxe is designed for dogs who need extra help when it comes to protecting their paws, nose, and skin. Maybe your dog is a flat-faced breed, you live in a very cold area, or maybe your dog is always walking on gravel or concrete. Whatever the cause, Pup Wax Luxe helps coat dogs’ noses and paws with an extra protective layer. Pup Wax Luxe is also particularly effective at protecting and hydrating your dog’s nose to prevent it from getting crusty. And finally, Pup Wax Luxe can help your pup if they have dry, itchy, or red skin. Why not treat your dog or another dog you know to some luxury for the holidays?


Pup Wax Vegan: Pup Wax Vegan is for vegan pups and pup parents who want to go the extra mile to make sure the gift they get their pup is free from any animal products. It's the only Pup Wax that comes in a tin, which makes it especially handy for pup parents and pups on-the-go! If you’re vegan or tend to be a bit more environmentally conscious, this is the Pup Wax your pup or your dog-owning friends need this Holiday season!


Pup Wax Vegan Pro: The combination of the best benefits from our Pup Wax Vegan and Pup Wax Luxe blends, the Vegan Pro Pup Wax is great for pup parents who are looking for the best protection for their pup’s paws. Plus, our Vegan Pro is specially designed for extreme weather! 

If you’re worried about your sweet pup’s paws this winter, Vegan Pro may be the perfect gift for them. This is an ideal gift for pup parents who love to go walking in a winter wonderland with their pups, and for pups who need a little paw TLC afterward!

Pup Wax Vegan Pro for dry dog noses and paws


Our 7 Day Magic Stick has all the best features of our regular Pup Wax Vegan Pro complete with more sustainable, 100% compostable paper tube packaging! This Magic Stick is amazing for quick emergency repair of your dog’s skin, paws, and nose. Its shape and size makes it incredibly convenient to throw in a gear bag or purse to be ready throughout the cold winter days.

Pup Wax 7-Day Magic Stick dry dog nose and paw balm


2-in-1 Dog Grooming and Dog Shedding Brush

Even if your pup doesn’t always like being brushed, our 2-in-1 Grooming Brush is sure to help them feel like it’s spa day every time you bring it out! This is an awesome gift for pups who love to spend time being pampered or pups whose coats need a little extra help. This brush is great for detangling knots, removing loose hair, and loosening dander and dirt from your pup’s coat. Treat your pup to a paw-liday spa day with this special double-sided brush.

Want to learn more about how to find the best brush for your pup’s coat type and how to groom them well throughout the winter months? Read our Dog Shedding Brushes for Winter article here!

Fetching Ball Dog Toy

Our Fetching Ball is the perfect gift for pup parents who just love to play with their sweet dogs. Puppington Fetching Balls are made with non-toxic materials just in case our dogs get any sneaky ideas to snack on their toys. Many popular dog toy brands can’t say the same thing! This holiday, choose a toy brand for the dogs in your life that you know is non-toxic and that you know they’ll enjoy playing with every time.

Pupper Towels Dog Dishcloths

While they may be made for humans a bit more than for pups, these Swedish dishcloth style European dishcloths are the perfect aid to any pet parent (or even a non pet-owner who just needs a little help cleaning up). These adorable dishcloths are ultra-absorbent and reusable… plus, you can wash them in the dishwasher! They’re great for cleaning up any mess, whether you use them in the kitchen or to clean up messes made by your well-meaning but silly pup that gets into everything.

These dishcloths come in a 3-pack and are loved by our customers. Users of our dishcloths have recommended them for sitting under water bowls, helping out with their pup’s bathtime, and cutting back on paper towel usage! These are a great holiday gift for the loving, devoted pup parent in your life (who knows, maybe it’s you!)

If you want to learn more about Swedish dishcloths and what makes them so wallet-friendly, sustainable and super efficient, visit this  blog article!

Holiday Dog Gift Sets

Puppington dog gift kits are curated to help your pup look and feel their best, while helping you save money!  Shipping is always FREE when you choose a bundle.

Winter Purest Pup Kit

This gift kit is sure to fill your pup with holiday cheer, helping them feel calm and fortifying their immune system for the winter! The Purest Pup Kit includes:


winter pup feel good dog gift bundle


Good Vibes Only Kit

Pamper your pooch with the ultimate winter bundle for happy pups. One of the best things about having a dog is the happy, fun-filled spirit they share with us. But even the happiest pups need some help keeping their cheerful spark alight! The holiday season is the perfect time to send this bundle to the goodest pup you know – or maybe a pup in need of a little extra cheer. The Good Vibes Only Kit includes:
Puppington happy pup dog gift bundle


Winter Wag Swag Kit

The Winter Wag Swag kit has every basic thing you need to ensure that your dog’s tail keeps wagging throughout the holiday season. This kit will keep your dog’s nose and paws soft, supplement a healthy diet, and provide them with a new favorite toy all in one order!


Winter Wellness Routine Kit

Ready. Set. Glow. Most pup parents can agree that winter can get tough sometimes for us and our pups! Whether it’s the harsh weather or the colds and flus that go around, making sure your pup is ready for the longest days of the year is important. This bundle will help protect your dog’s immune system and keep their coat looking and feeling its best!

The Winter Wellness Routine Kit includes:

winter wellness routine petcare dog gift bundle

Magic Dog Calming Kit

The Magic Dog Calming kit is for the pups who need a little help staying relaxed. Whether they’re a bit high-energy or they have issues with anxiety, this bundle will help them feel like they’re having a calming dog spa day. The Magic Dog Calming Kit includes:

Wag the Most and Save the Most Kit

If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck for your Holiday shopping, this is the bundle for you! This kit has some of our very best products that pup parents and pups alike are sure to enjoy. Puppington’s Wag the Most Kit includes:

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