Why We Chose to Rebrand from Pup Wax to Puppington

A New Name, Look, & Products that We Know You and Your Pup Will Love

 Puppington shadow logo


In case you haven’t heard the big news, Pup Wax has rebranded to Puppington! Now, I know what you might be thinking: why would a successful small business choose to change its name, logo, and whole aesthetic?

Well, for us, it’s simple.  We wanted to do more for you and your pup.  We wanted you to be able to speak your dog’s love language.  Now don’t worry, your favorite product Pup Wax® is still around–we wouldn’t even think about getting rid of the one thing that has had an impact on so many dogs’ lives! But along with Pup Wax, you’ll be able to find a whole treasure box of new wellness products waiting for your dog here at Puppington, including supplements and functional treats, lifestyle products for dog parents, and even a paw-dorable toy or two.

How and why did we decide to rebrand?

At first, deciding whether or not to rebrand was a difficult choice to make. 

When we first started, only our own pups were enjoying softer noses with Pup Wax. In case you're new here, catch up on the story of Pup Wax here. But now, we have happy pups and pup parents in the Arizona desert, in the mountains of British Columbia, all over the east coast, the midwest, a military dog training unit in Florida, and one Pup Wax pup has even been on the red carpet in California!

We’ve helped a lot of pup noses and achieved a lot during our time as Pup Wax. Here are some of the accomplishments we are most proud of: 

Our founder and CEO, Julie, was selected by Target as one of only 10 founders globally for their first ever petcare accelerator program. We grew our team, hiring an operations manager, inventory planner, email marketer, social media manager, and a videographer. 

And, most important to us, we dedicated ourselves to learning more about what pup parents want and need from their favorite petcare companies. We listened to your opinions when it came to deciding whether to rebrand and which new products to offer – and we couldn’t have done it without you!

We know that as Puppington, we will be able to offer so much more than we could before. Our mission is no longer limited to just helping take care of painful paws and noses (but don’t worry, we’re still focused on those, too). We’re here to help make you and your pup happy, whether it be physical care products like Pup Wax or tasty, nourishing supplements that will get your dog’s tail a-waggin’.

What new things can you expect with Puppington?

Our rebranding to Puppington is coming with some amazing new products and, of course, a whole new look. We’re no longer only offering clean skincare for dogs – now, our products will include:

  • Skincare: we’ll still be offering Pup Wax, but with new, more specific options for what YOUR pup needs.
  • Grooming products so their coat stays soft, shiny, and smooth.
  • Delicious supplements made from the purest, most efficacious ingredients
  • Fun products for dog parents, like dog themed essentials
  • And so much more!

The New Puppington Mission Statement

We’re really excited about and proud of our new mission statement, which perfectly describes who we are and what we care about:

We believe our ingredient first approach to dog wellness helps dogs live healthier and happier lives.  We find the purest, safest and most effective ingredients to deliver your dog’s daily dose of love - backed by science.

With gratitude, 

Thank you for all your support and for joining us on this exciting journey!