Watch Dream calm down in her Pupper Slumber Ultra Calming Bed

Introducing Pupper Slumber: the ultra calming dog bed for a happy home

Puppington Pupper Slumber™ Ultra Calming Pet Bed Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed


Latte Creamy Beige
Silver Cloud Light Gray
Lagoon Teal
Charcoal Dark Gray
Onyx True Black


How does it work?

The Pupper Slumber Ultra Calming Dog Bed is an expertly designed pet bed that focuses on cradling your dog or cat in a soothing embrace. Its unique shape and construction create a calming effect, which helps reduce stress and anxiety in dogs. The gentle contouring and plush support provide your pet with a sense of security and relaxation.

The bed is designed to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs, making it ideal for pets prone to anxiety or those who need extra comfort during sleep. It provides a cozy, nest-like environment that promotes relaxation and improved sleep quality.

Many dogs find comfort and security in this bed's unique cradle-shaped design. The elevated edges create an enhances cradling effect. This may help reduce anxiety during times when your pet is alone or during sleep.

Who is it for?

The bed is currently available in one size that accommodates small to medium sized dogs and most cats. We will offer more sizes soon!

Absolutely! The Ultra Calming Pet Bed is loved by both dogs and cats. Its cozy, cradle-shaped design provides a sense of security and relaxation that appeals to our feline friends as well. If you have a multi-pet household, rest assured that your cats can indulge in the comfort of this special calming pet bed.

Yes, this bed is an immediate favorite of lots of puppies and kittens, as it can help them feel secure and comfortable during their early development stages.

To help your cat or dog become familiar with their new bed, place it in a quiet and comfortable area where they like to relax. Encourage your pet to explore the bed at their own pace, and use treats or toys to welcome them to their new calming nest.

Product Care

Yes, the bed is lightweight and easy to move, making it a convenient choice for travel or bringing comfort to different areas of your home.

Yes, our Ultra Calming Pet Bed is designed for easy cleaning. The entire bed is machine-washable - no need to unzip anything!

No, the safety and well-being of our beloved pets are our top priorities. The Ultra Calming Pet Bed is crafted from pet-safe, non-toxic materials, for the health and security of pets. Sweet dreams for your furbaby!