Dog Shedding Brushes for Winter

November 10, 2022 4 min read

Dog Shedding Brushes for Winter

How to Choose the Best Dog Brush for Your Dog's Coat

With the wide variety of pet grooming tools available today, choosing the right brush for your dog’s coat type can be a daunting decision. Before you get started, check that your dog's shedding is normal and not a red flag for a health concern. Read our earlier blog that helps you answer, why is my dog shedding? (And when in doubt, check with the vet!)

Even though it’s difficult, picking the right dog brush for your pup’s fur type is incredibly important. Choosing the best dog brush for shedding helps you groom your dog, minimize shedding, and protect your dog’s fluffy coat from becoming too dirty.

The type of dog brush you choose depends on the texture and length of your pup’s hair. Fortunately, there are inexpensive dog brushes available today that work well on most dog coat types.

An example of a common one-size-fits-most brush is the double-sided dog brush like Puppington's 2-in-1 dog grooming brush.

When should you use a double-sided dog brush?

A double-sided dog brush is a great multi-purpose tool that's handy for removing light tangles and matting before finishing with a smooth shine. This dog brush features two sides: a pin side and a bristle side. Either side can be used effectively on dogs with medium to long hair.

The pin side consists of spaced-out wire bristles that have little pins on top. You can use this side when you want to get rid of tangles and matting on your dog's coat. The pinned bristles brush through thick fur, combing apart tangles even in dogs with a double-layer fur coat.

The best way to use the pin side on a dog’s coat is by gently brushing through the fur and away from the skin. In addition, be careful not to make too many brush strokes on one area to reduce the chance of causing irritation.

With the tangles and mats removed, you can now go in with the bristled side, which will give your pup’s coat that final shine. The bristle side adds some luster to your dog's coat, helping them look their very best. A double-sided brush is perfect as a quick, simple, yet effective grooming tool for your dog. 

Weimeraner being brushed with double sided dog brush

When should you not use a double-side brush?

A double-sided dog brush for shedding is ideal for pups who just need some light grooming. For more thorough or difficult grooming, other brushes may need to be used as well. Possible alternatives for the double-side dog brush are:

  • A mat breaker brush
  • A molting dog brush
  • A de-shedding tool

A mat breaker brush is a professional grooming tool that breaks down large sections of matted hair into smaller portions. You can then use the double-side brush to remove the detangled hair. A mat breaker brush should not be used on dogs with smooth hair coats. 

A molting dog brush is a special comb that has both short and long pins on it. The long pins reach into thick fur and remove knots and tangles from the undercoat, while the shorter pins help to collect the detangled dog hair. After using a molting brush, a double-sided brush can be helpful with getting that final finish.

The de-shedding tool is an advanced grooming tool that specifically targets a dog’s undercoat. It removes undercoat tangles and matted fur that normal dog brushes cannot pick up. A de-shedding brush helps get rid of loose undercoat fur before it is even shed by the dog, so this can be a great way to lessen how much your dog sheds.

Using a de-shedding brush once or twice a week can help control pet hairs around your home. Another benefit of de-shedding combs are their adjustable bristles. Adjusting the bristles allows you to reach into the undercoat of any fur type and any dog breed. 

Here’s how you can give your pet the best brush they’ve ever had: while grooming your dog, start with a mat breaker brush to loosen tangles and matting on the top coat. Afterwards, gently brush with the de-shedding tool from the neck towards the tail, gently gliding over and away from the skin to avoid injuries. Finish off with a double-sided brush for that added shine.


Choosing the best brush for your dog's coat type makes grooming easier and more enjoyable for both you and your pup. Use a double-sided dog brush like Puppington's 2-in-1 brush for shedding dogs that need a quick grooming session or to polish up at the end of brushing with other tools. A thorough grooming session may require a mat breaker, molting, or de-shedding brush depending on your pup’s fur type.

Whichever type of brush you choose for your pup, be sure to do your research. Brushing your pup regularly helps keep them happy and healthy while also saving your home, clothes, and car from massive amounts of dog hair! 

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