Stressed Dog? Best Calming Dog Treats for Anxious Dogs

July 01, 2022 4 min read

Calm Your Anxious Dog

How to Calm Your Anxious Dog

Learn How Calming Dog Treats & Calming Chews for Dogs Can Help Your Pup Stay Calm

 Every pup parent wants their dog to be happy and healthy, with their tail wagging all the time. But sometimes that just isn’t the case for our pups. Unfortunately, over 70% of dogs suffer from pet anxiety from time to time. They’re just like us when it comes to emotions, so naturally, they feel stressed occasionally! While mild and infrequent anxiety in dogs is no cause for alarm, chronic anxiety can lead to destructive behavior and even sadness or depression if left unchecked. Fortunately, many anxious dogs can be soothed with the help of all-natural calming functional dog treats and supplements such as Puppington's Pup Snax™ Calming and Ultra CalmingvChews.

Why is my dog feeling anxious?

There are many reasons why your dog could be feeling anxious, but it’s important to try to get to the bottom of the cause to nip it in the bud before it starts in the future. Among these possible reasons, fear and separation anxiety are quite common.

In dogs, fear can be triggered by many things, including new faces, new environments, and new things. A dog that usually has a calm temperament can become jumpy when you have guests over or when presented with a new situation. Unfamiliar environments, like a trip to a busy park or a visit to the vet, can also incite fear and stress in your pup.

One of the other common causes of stress in dogs is separation anxiety in dogs, which can happen when your pup feels lonely or abandoned. Dogs that form strong bonds with their owners but are insecure by themselves are more likely to feel stressed if their owners leave them for long periods. Some companion breeds, like poodles, French bulldogs, or Maltese dogs can be more susceptible to separation anxiety. Abrupt separation can trigger undesirable behavior like incessant barking, chewing on random items, or relieving themselves where they shouldn't. 

What are some other possible causes of anxiety in dogs?

  • Sickness
  • Old age
  • Physical and/or emotional abuse
  • Motion sickness (car rides, traveling, etc.)

Canine antidepressants vs calming dog treats

There are natural ways to calm stressed dogs without relying heavily on the use of synthetic drugs. While many prescription medications used for pet anxiety show positive results, extensive use of these drugs can trigger long-term adverse effects. It is important to talk to your vet before starting your dog on any type of medication.

Antidepressant drugs for dogs often alter your pup’s serotonin levels to induce calmness. This can be effective in managing stress, but excessive use of canine antidepressants can not only cause a hormonal imbalance but can also lead to unwanted side effects such as:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased heart rate and breathing
  • Increased body temperature
  • Impaired mobility 

The benefit of calming dog treats and supplements is that they use naturally calming ingredients which act together to soothe and calm dogs with minimal side effects. However, it’s important to know what ingredients work for your pet when considering calming dog supplements.

We've put together a complete guide for you here.

Talking to your vet is a great way to get an idea of which ingredients are best for your stressed dog.

What to look for in calming dog treats and supplements

Pup tip: Before you choose a calming treat for your dog, read the product label so you know exactly which ingredients are used.

If you are a pet parent who is wary about using CBD oil-infused calming treats, opt for well-researched, clinically proven safe ingredients in the calming chews you give your dog. (At Puppington, we do not make CBD-infused treats at this time, as we have not seen data that convinces us CBD is completely safe for dogs.)

Ingredients we love:

  • Chamomile
  • Turmeric 
  • L-tryptophan
  • L-theanine
  • Lemon balm
  • Lavender 
  • Ginger 
  • Hemp seed meal (CBD-free)
  • Apple cider vinegar

Some of the newest calming dog treats on the market use unique organic ingredients such as Ashwagandha and Amur cork bark. These are powerful all-natural calming ingredients.

Learn all about these ingredients here.

Are calming dog treats safe for dogs?

Clean label calming dog treats such as Puppington Pup Snax™ Ultra-Calming Chews are made with high-quality ingredients and are generally safe for most dogs. Check with your dog's vet before supplementing their diet with calming treats to find out what ingredients work for your dog and whether you should watch for any side effects.

When used as recommended, calming dog treats and supplements can help manage your pup’s anxiety without the side effects of synthetic antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds. Most likely, there's a combination that will help your dog navigate stressful situations like loud noises, separation anxiety, car rides, and meeting new faces. With the right calming treats, your dog's experience of stressful situations can become stress-free and even enjoyable!

Shop Pup Snax™ Ulta-Calming Chews and save 20% when you subscribe!

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